Preparing to prepare

3 Gifts of Spiritual Courage

This is my 1st post on a yet unfinished website.  It would be unlike me to do things like most people.  I used to think it was one of my many character defects but I’m learning to embrace my warped sense of thinking today. Once I get this website up and moving in a somewhat fluid fashion, I will be planning, saving, and praying about my quest to overcome my arch rival, Fear.  He is a hell of an emotion that has always tripped me up in life.  The longing to travel and desire to experience new things has always been there but good ole Mr. Fear has pushed me down (mostly into a bottle) and held me back.  Not for long Buddy.  I am a 49 year young woman on a solo mission to road trip cross country from Birmingham, Alabama to San Francisco, California.  This newly recovering addict is planning to kick her dark shadow to the curb.  He has had the last word for far too many years. He has forced me to drink myself to the brink of death, ripped the trust of my family and friends away from me and has taken away the little self-confidence I once had.  The winds be a changing and I hope to have witnesses.  Can we do it? YES we can.


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