Sleeping in Cars

I will be setting forth on my adventure in solo travel in 18 days.  At this moment, I have a definite plan on my route and the cities I will stay over night in.  I do not, however, have a place to sleep in most of those cities as of yet. I do have the first … More Sleeping in Cars

Momma Said

One of the many blessings I have received in recovery is the new and exciting relationship I have with my mom. Anyone who knows me, understands what a huge deal this is.  Let’s just say, Mom and I never, ever, saw eye-to-eye.  If Momma said the sky was blue, I would argue it was black.  If she said … More Momma Said


Yesterday, my dad and I were reviewing my travel map and plans for the trip.  He was convinced that I need a Trip Tik from AAA with all the gazillion maps and all the bazillion books about each state.  Of course, I don’t need all that paper waste, I have a cell phone with all the latest and greatest travel apps!  Am I not … More Recalculating