Day 2- On the Bright Side

Day 2 started out with a hot coffee mishap, spilled it on my brand new white shirt.  Little things like this would ruin my day when I was drinking.  No worries.  I stopped at a gas station on my way out of Conway, Arkansas, washed it it out in the bathroom sink, changed shirts and off we go.  I was so excited that Winslow was the 1st stop on my list to see for the day.  My GPS told me it was an hour and a half detour from the main road but I was determined to have my picture made “standing on the corner”.  I made use of this extra time by belting out Take it Easy to set the mood.  I got all the way to Winslow and this is what I found.


You guessed it.  I went to Winslow, Arkansas instead of Winslow Arizona!  I could have been ticked off at myself for making this mistake BUT, was it really an accident?  If I had not miscalculated (big time), I would have missed out on the road there which was breathtaking.  Pictures don’t do it justice.


I pushed on to Oklahoma in search of the the Blue Whale of Catoosa.  Only a few wrong streets later, I found it.  The lovely lady who volunteers at the park was happy to take my pic and share her story with me.  Her name is Linda Ross Hobbs and she writes children’s stories all about animals who talk, one of which is the Blue Whale.


Next stop was Oklahoma City and after a few wrong turns, I found the National Memorial.  I didn’t feel right taking pictures, felt disrespectful.  I passed through Garth Brook’s home town (at least they claim him, even through he was born in Tulsa).  After that I bolted, trying to get to my final destination of the day, Shamrock, Texas, before it got dark.  I must say “right on” to Oklahoma and Texas for the 75 mile speed limit!  That completely rocked!  Made it it my motel (one of the original motels on Route 66) with still enough daylight to eat a delicious dinner at Big Vern’s and get some pics around town, including the iconic Conoco gas station and U Drop Inn.  All in all, an exhausting but successful day.   I am including some other pics along the way.  Day 3, Bring it on! 😉20160412_19472720160412_19593420160412_19591820160412_18542120160412_19571820160412_16100420160412_16083920160412_154416




4 thoughts on “Day 2- On the Bright Side

  1. Id LOVE to have a copy of the old truck you took a pic of today if you wouldn’t mind sharing it. Just really caught my eye. I’d like to make a cool frame for it n put it in the house we are building. If you are cool with it of course? If so…you can message it to or email it whateva…it can obviously wait til ya home lol mwah


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