Day 5-Me, Speechless

Today was completely devoted the Grand Canyon.  I would like to string together some lovely words to describe the experience but, I could not do it justice.  The best I can do is sum it up in one all encompassing word…majestic.  That’s all I have to say about that.  

The snow covered mountains I passed coming and going were mesmerizing, especially for this Southern gal who can count on fingers and toes how many times I have even seen flurries.  

Not a lot I can say about today’s venture, it was surreal.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking.  Enjoy!


Trading Days
On our way!
Hey Fred!
Howdy Ranger
Yes, it was snowing!
Another spectacular view
Sammy the squirrel
Never seen anything like this!
Me and my new pal, Sammy
I so wanted to get out there!
Just hanging out on top of the world
Learning something new
Stopped in the middle of a 65 mile an hour road;)
Another selfie, no snow this time

3 thoughts on “Day 5-Me, Speechless

  1. Leslie, I felt the same way when I went to the Grand Canyon…there are just not enough words to describe that type of grandeur! The sheer vastness, the depth, the breadth, the range of colors and how they change so quickly and make the one place you just looked at appear totally different. Just awe-inspiring! When I went to Ireland in 2000, I had a few similar feelings. There were so many shades of green there and upon coming in for a landing, it looked like a giant quilt of greens. My description could never do justice to its true beauty. I had a couple of cameras and lenses with me and I think I spent so much time trying to “capture” what I was seeing, that I probably missed out on some of the experience of “being there”. I hope to return one day and not do the same. It is like that for me many places because my eye tends to see photos in the most bizarre places lol. I am currently having to refrain, as my lens is not focusing and needs to be repaired. ×sigh I love seeing the pics you are taking and hearing what you are experiencing (I know it is just buts n pieces of the whole) but it is beautiful and captivating and inspiring. My prayers for you continue and I truly hope you are being blessed on your journey. Share your smile as you go….it’s radiant. XOX

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