Day 8- I made it to San Francisco!

This whole trip has been amazing!  It’s been full of God winks, gorgeous scenery and an occasional challenge.  I have had the joy of experiencing 9 states in all their unique beauty.  There were flat lands, mountains of snow, mountains of rock, deserts and grassy knolls.  Every state became my favorite as I drove into it, then I’d come to the next and proclaim it was my favorite.  Truth is they were all fabulous in their own way, breathtakingly wonderful.

Now…let’s talk about California.  Wow!!!   I drove up the coast on Highway 1 (aka the Pacific Highway).  I was 3 hours later than planned reaching San Francisco because I stopped about every 5 minutes taking pictures.  The road was very winding and some parts hung very close to the edge of giant cliffs overlooking the ocean.  I wished that road went on forever.  I can only say, if you ever have the chance to make the trip, do it!!!

I will spend the next 5 days exploring San Francisco with my son and his sweet girlfriend ( the reason he moved here).  I’m looking forward to spending time with them and being here for his birthday. By here, I mean mentally as well as physically.  It’s been a long time since I could say that and I am so grateful.  When I thought about never being able to drink again, I never could have imagined in my wildest dreams how much better life would be.  God is good.  


Treaure chest , nothing was in it


Biggest palm tree I’ve ever seen


Hearst Castle


Pacific Highway




Just liked the windmill


Moonrock beach


Sweet state worker who gave me moonrocks from the beach


Loved this view




Hearst Castle


Shot from the road




Sea Lion Viewing


Sea Lion


Sea Lion heaven- all the white on the side were all sea lions sun bathing


Sammy the squirrel’s cousin, Sally


Another sign




A day in the life of Elephant Sea Lions


The coast




Standing on the edge of our country





The long and winding road


Way cool tunnel


Jagged Rock


Big Sur


The Road of all roads!


Cool bus


Ragged Point


Whale Watchers, way better than Weight Watchers


Shady part of the road


Another fabulous view





Back view of the cool tunnel


Can i just live here?


Perfect spot for a picnic!




Me? Excited? You think?


Picture perfect


My house would fit just fine here


STRONG current


Pure happiness



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