Day 12- The Hidden Golden Gate Bridge

Since I didn’t get to see The Golden Gate Bridge yesterday due to tired feet, the challenge was on today.  The forecast was not very hopeful as the chance for rain was imminent, but I was determined.  The kids found a spot on the bay side that was supposed to have a lovely view so feeling guardedly optimistic, we grabbed raincoats and umbrellas and we were off.  

The drive to Grizzly Peak, just above Berkeley was only about 25 minutes from where I was staying.  We followed the upward and winding road up to the top, parked and watched the clouds get thicker and thicker.  I got a glimps of the bridge but could only see a couple of the posts.  We decided to wait it out for a few minutes, hoping for just a second or two of a clear view.  Those few minutes turned into two hours of waiting in the car.  Funny thing, instead of everyone getting bored or frustrated, we had some of the best conversation and laughter we’ve had since I’ve been here.  

Those two hours passed, we decided to go into Berkeley to have lunch and we would return to Grizzly Peak afterward to try again.  Lunch was an authentic Chinese restaurant complete with a teapot of traditional Chinese tea on the table when we arrived.  Just the thing to warm us up (it was might bit chilly up on that mountain in the rain).  It was delicious and Joe picked up the tab so that made even better. 

The sun came out while we were having lunch and I was confident there would be a clear view when we reached the top of the mountain again.  As we climbed the hills and reached the viewing spot, the sky was completely covered by fog and clouds again, thick as pea soup.  Instead of getting irritated, we laughed and guessed it was not meant to be.  I decided to take my friend David’s advice and drive over the Golden Gate Bridge tomorrow on my way out of town.  I bet it will be an even more wonderful experience and picture than I would have gotten anyway.  Choosing to see the glass half full instead of half empty.









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