Day 15- 4 States in One Day

This day was one for the books, I experienced 4 states!  This was all in the name of seeing Yellowstone National Park.  I might have slightly extended myself.  Left Utah, passed through Idaho, came to Montana then, just through the entrance to the park…Bam…I’m in Wyoming.  Yellowstone was well worth the effort.  Where else can you meet up with a ginormous bison, see giesers, 50 foot pine trees and mountains capped with snow, all in one place? 

I must also admit that Idaho was not at all what I expected.  This state had mountains, farms and a beautiful sunset.  You see, I went through this area twice.  The southern road that I entended to take to exit Yellowstone was closed for the winter…umm…it is April, right?  Should have done my homework on that one.  My only options were to exit the park north, to Montana or go back the way I came.  

I wasn’t upset when my plan was high jacked by Mother Nature.  I remembered my motto, “Everything happens for a reason.”  So, I just went with the flow.  Heading back into Idaho to find somewhere to sleep, I saw the most amazing sunset.  Glad I didn’t miss it.

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