Day 16- Lessons of The Oregon Trail

As I back-tracked through Idaho, to finally get on I-80 towards Cheyenne, Wyoming, I kept seeing brown historical signs along the way.  I was almost to Wyoming when one of these Historial site just ahead signs peaked my curiosity.  I took American History in college 3 times before I passed, so for me to take an interest in it now, was perplexing, even to me.  I took exit and followed the arrows to Inman Caribou Targhee (still not real sure what Targhee is, but I was all about seeing some Caribou).  Sadly, there were no Caribou but the trail was classic mid-west scenery and came complete with signs explaining the history of what I was seeing.  Very interesting. I finally realized the road I was on was part of the Oregon Trail so I started paying a little more attention.

 I took pictures of places where people made their way across the United States in the 1800’s, searching for a new and better life.  The challenges they must have faced, their tremendous courage and their sheer determination really touched me.  Actually, it hit home.  I may not be in a covered wagon, but I can totally relate to those folks.  Sometimes, the best parts of the journey are the unknown.  I used to stress and drink over the unknown.  I liked to know to plan and if anything changed, I was not mentally equipped to handle it.  I had no faith.  These days, I just trust.  Whatever happens will happen, I must be courageous like those settlers and look forward to a better future, on day at a time.  

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