Day 18- No Casserole for You!

I drove clear across Nebraska today!  The skies were overcast and the road was bumpy.  It made me extremely sleepy, like the lull that puts a baby to sleep when riding in the car.  There were dried up corn fields everywhere, so not a lot of exciting scenery to keep me engaged.  It was dang cold, especially when I’m used to temperatures around 80 in April in Alabama.  It was still not a dreary day, just dreary weather.

The plan was to make it to Iowa and spend the night in Des Moines, but fate had a different plan for me.  I got to Des Moines alright and saw a sign for Cracker Barrel at Exit 164.  I was sleepy and hungry.  Yep, that was the exit for me.  I’d find a place to stay close to that delicious hash brown casserole.  As luck would have it, I took a wrong turn and that road spit me out on the other side of the city.  No casserole for me.  Acceptance of the way things turn out sometimes is a hard one for me, even something seemingly insignificant.  At first I was mad at myself for making the wrong turn, I took some deep breaths, then tried to think of the positives.  I’d be closer to Chicago, which is my next destination, I wouldn’t be in the big and very busy city of Des Moines, and I would not be spending the money to eat out.  Tuna it would be!

I ended up in a small town called Newton, Iowa (about an hour East of Des Moines) where the people were super friendly, and had a great sense of humor.  They laughingly reinforced what I already knew, there was no Cracker Barrel in town.  They helped direct me to a motel close by where I settled in for the night.  I ate my trusty tuna, pretending it was hash brown casserole, then crashed hard for the night.

One thought on “Day 18- No Casserole for You!

  1. Have fun seeing the sights in Chicago! Lots of cool sights & museums along the waterfront (a tourist area for sure!)… That area is entertaining just to walk around taking in the feel of the city, the people, the huge sculptures, the bridges over the canal size rivers and all the restaurants. If you get on the “L” train (I think is the right name) make sure you know where you’re going! We got off at the wrong stop, at an interesting but questionable area but ended up eating at the coolest Bosnian neighborhood restaurant. Some bad neighborhoods not too far from downtown. We went to the famous comedy club there (2nd City I think, but was pricy$$$)….
    Be careful & be safe!

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