Day 19- More than a Picture

I had only one goal for the day, make the drive to Chicago, get a quick picture of  Wrigley Field, then get out.  The only reason I was going?  I just wanted to see the field where Babe Ruth called the famous home run shot.  Thought it would be an easy in and out situation, not so much.

 Firstly, I hit the big city at rush hour and all of their 2 billion roads were bumper to bumper.  After a good 2 hours of sitting in traffic, I finally saw the stadium!  I also saw every baseball fan in town since the Cubs were playing at home.  After getting the best picture I could, without hitting one of those very enthusiastic fans, I slowly finagled my car away from the field.  I was desperately trying to make my way back to the interstate to escape the chaos when, low and behold, I’m in even worse traffic.  When I came around a corner, I finally realize why.  I had just finagled myself directly behind the NFL Draft Selection Square.  Needless to say, I had a lot of time to take in the sites of the city, since I think I saw every square inch of it at a snail’s pace.  

The whole experience was very exciting!  I only got lost a few times, easily escaped a wreck or two, and didn’t hit any pedestrians!  I did make manage to reach Wrigley Field, but I got way more than just a picture.

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