Day 22- Undiscovered Nashville

The last stop before heading back to Birmingham was Nashville, Tennessee.  I had only been there once before and the only places I visited were the insides of swanky bars.  The best I can recall, there was loud country music, line dancing and enough booze flowing to sink the Titanic.  This time would be different.  I set my sights on The Grand Ole Opry and all the other famous places this music capital of the south had to offer.

The rain was coming down hard on the drive in and didn’t look like it would clear anytime soon.  I stopped in the parking lot directly across the street from the Opry trying to decide if I wanted to brave the storm and go in.  While I waited, I was looking up hotels to stay the night in, investigating the others sights in town and honestly, just being too lazy to get out of the car.  I had the radio playing and the phone I was using plugged into the charger.  After about an hour of that, the rain let up and I walked across the street to take some pictures of the outside of the Opry house.  I had already decided not to pay to go in since a friend suggested I tour The Ryman theater instead.  

As I returned to my car, I was anxious to get to The Ryman.  My car, on the other hand, had something else in mind.  I suppose it was still in lazy mode since it wouldn’t start.  I tried again and again but…tick,tick,tick was all I got.  Instead of being irritated and mad (like the old me would have done), I remembered my dear sweet dad had gotten me a AAA membership before I left home.  At the time, I thought it was a bit over protective of him, but now, I was more than relieved he had been that smart.  I sat and waited for the AAA guy to get there.  

Half the day was over by the time my car was up and going (the battery had died).  I decided to cut my loses and try to find a hotel instead.  I drove on to Franklin, Tennessee since rooms were cheaper and it was a little closer to home.  When things like that happen, sometimes it’s best for me to realize it was not meant to be…this time.  I’ll have to go back to Nashville another time to see all those undiscovered gems.  Here’s the little I did see.

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