Guest Writer Mark Goodson- Wherever You Go, There You Are

Mark Goodson has been an inspiration to me through his writing and his encouragement.  This story really hit home for me and he graciously allowed me to share it with you.  You can read more from him at More from Mark…

There is nothing mundane about life. My poetry, essays, and creative non-fiction exalt the every day, qualify the quotidian.

Writing has made being sober more than just being sober. It is my spiritual foundation. I invite you to subscribe to this blog and join me in discovering what makes the ordinary so extraordinary, and the mundane miraculous. 

2 thoughts on “Guest Writer Mark Goodson- Wherever You Go, There You Are

  1. Thank you Leslie. Inspiration is a 2-way street. You’ve inspired me on your journey. I’ve really enjoyed following it. Congrats again on your milestone! Keep writing, keep inspiring!


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