Day 5-Me, Speechless

Today was completely devoted the Grand Canyon.  I would like to string together some lovely words to describe the experience but, I could not do it justice.  The best I can do is sum it up in one all encompassing word…majestic.  That’s all I have to say about that.   The snow covered mountains I … More Day 5-Me, Speechless

Day 4- Just Believe

Today blew my socks off (or in my case, flip flops off)!  Every state is more beautiful than the last.  Well, maybe just beautiful in way different way.  My friend Mike said “just wait til you get to Arizona”.  He was right!  As I drove in, I broke down in tears and thanked God that … More Day 4- Just Believe

Following in Faith

It is 8 days and counting until my departure into the vast unknown.  I have been talking and fantasizing about this trip since I was in treatment almost 10 months ago.  The idea just came to me out of the blue one day while locked up in the psych ward.  I admit, my brain was very … More Following in Faith

Sleeping in Cars

I will be setting forth on my adventure in solo travel in 18 days.  At this moment, I have a definite plan on my route and the cities I will stay over night in.  I do not, however, have a place to sleep in most of those cities as of yet. I do have the first … More Sleeping in Cars

Momma Said

One of the many blessings I have received in recovery is the new and exciting relationship I have with my mom. Anyone who knows me, understands what a huge deal this is.  Let’s just say, Mom and I never, ever, saw eye-to-eye.  If Momma said the sky was blue, I would argue it was black.  If she said … More Momma Said


Yesterday, my dad and I were reviewing my travel map and plans for the trip.  He was convinced that I need a Trip Tik from AAA with all the gazillion maps and all the bazillion books about each state.  Of course, I don’t need all that paper waste, I have a cell phone with all the latest and greatest travel apps!  Am I not … More Recalculating