Nothing Comes from Nothing

As I sit here contemplating the miracle of celebrating 2 years clean and sober, it’s hard not to think back to where I was physically, mentally and spiritually when I reached that jumping off place. Life has transformed into a beautiful flower that started out as an ugly weed. No matter how many times I … More   Nothing Comes from Nothing

Live and Learn

I guess I may have ended the last post a little abruptly and most definitely negatively. I want to apologize for that, but quite frankly, my time on the library computer was counting down to the last seconds in my session. Yes, that’s right, in this day and age of technological abundance, I still go … More Live and Learn

Guest Writer Mark Goodson- Wherever You Go, There You Are

Mark Goodson has been an inspiration to me through his writing and his encouragement.  This story really hit home for me and he graciously allowed me to share it with you.  You can read more from him at More from Mark… There is nothing mundane about life. My poetry, essays, and creative non-fiction exalt … More Guest Writer Mark Goodson- Wherever You Go, There You Are

Big-Girl Panties

Since my return from the cross-country adventure, I have felt a little lost. My mood has been somber, and my temper has reared its ugly head over the last several days. The “pink cloud” of happy bliss escaped me, leaving me restless, irritable and discontent. These are feelings I am all too familiar with, although … More Big-Girl Panties