Day 1- A Very Good Day

Aside from it:  pouring down rain the majority of the drive, forgetting to fill up the gas tank in Memphis (as planned), having to take a Hail Mary exit when realizing I was almost empty, seeing no sign of life off said exit except a liquor store, boldly walking in to ask where the closest gas station was, being told it was just 8 miles down the road in Forest City, my first day on the road went fantastic!  That is called sarcastic humor.  Those things did happen BUT, I didn’t have a wreck, I felt confident driving through the storms, I did not buy liquor and I did make it to Forest City before running out of gas.  I’d say that today has been a very good day.  Oh, I also had some guys in a very large truck honk at me in that tiny little town. Even better 😉   


6 thoughts on “Day 1- A Very Good Day

  1. Great to see your pics and know you made it through the rainy, nasty weather!!! Have fun and be safe…. Call me if you get tired or lonely… I’m always available. Congrads on your first day. Look forward to following you on your journey!!!!


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