Day 7-Santa Monica, End of Route 66

My goal today was to make it to the end of Route 66 at the Santa Monica pier and to start up the coast toward San Francisco.  Goal accomplished!  It was a very interesting day and full of opportunities (not problems). 

Entered the address of the pier into my GPS and it told me that going through Los Angeles would take less time.  I fought with myself…go with the GPS or go with my original plan to bypass LA all together.  Yep, went with the easier and faster way.  BIG mistake!  My thought process was, it’s Sunday so there won’t be as many people on the road.  Wrong.  I learned that when people say the traffic is horrible, they are not lying.  The good news is that I made it and had a ball at the Santa Monica pier.  There were a ton of people, some tourist, some locals and a lot of biking going on with both.  Good people watching!

I only got lost a few times time and managed to make the most of the scenery when I did.  The Pacific Highway views were spectacular and I could smell the salt water almost all the way to San Luis Obispo.  This was my destination for the evening.  I’m going to hit the sack, driving in to see my baby boy tomorrow!  Good night friends.  Enjoy the pics.


What? This is California?
Gas prices, and this was cheap!
No idea…just thought it looked cool
Almost there!!
One of the lovely “detours” I accidently took
A house I loved on another “detour”
Santa Monica Pier
The Pier
Pacific Highway
My new friend selling melon on the beach
The beach
Funky round hotel
Pimped out limo with pup on top
Fun in the sun!
Beach Day
Bertie the bird
Me enjoying some beach time
Ventura beach
Man looking under rocks???
Totally tubular
My feet
24 minutes?
Surf City
Along Pacific Highway
Another beach

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